The World of NotD

In ages past there were many beings of great power, known as the Gods. The greatest of them were the Ancients, though they were more often known as Titans to mortals. The gods and ancients watched the material plane for eons, an ocean world where no things lived but the most ancient and evil of creatures, known as the old ones. These creatures were lead by greater old ones, who may still live…

The gods of good sought to counter the evils of the depths and brought the earth to the sun, creating land. Here three continents were forged; Tanzen, Arcnus and Shello. On these lands life was made, things of beauty and grace and wonder. But the gods of evil thought these plans were not in their best interests, and so they corrupted and saturated mortal minds with evil. This, however, brought balance to the lands, creating a world where balance is omnipresent and a central hub to all the planes.

Elves, dwarves, gnomes, halflings, orcs, and men – they all were created by some means, either by the gods or mistakes by mortals. Each race interacted and grew, evolving into great societies, where magic and technology were/reigned supreme.

Men began their rule over the world and dominated the lands, becoming a vast majority of mortals in all the realms. Soon mens easily malleable minds were corrupted further, centering on the nation of Arcnus. Men discovered lost magics of the old ones that let the dead rise again, only not to return the soul to the body, but instead to give animation to the soulless corpse. As magics of necromancy grew more powerful, creatures such as liches and vampires arose among the mindless undead and took over the now wicked nation of Arcnus, renaming it Arcnus Mortis, the land of the dead.

In silence the dead waited for their time. Merely fifteen years ago their time arose, they attacked the living of Tanzen and Shello in preparation for the rise of the old ones and their leaders, as well as several evil ancients of darkness, and depth. Right now, Tanzen is under invasion from the dead and Shello has been wiped nearly clean of beating hearts as but a few brave heroes stand in the way of the Nation of the Dead.

The World of NotD

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